9 January 2011

9 Jan 2012

Over the weekend I ate pretty well- mostly clean food, but I drank a lot of booze! Bleh. And last night Joe and I went to sushi at our favorite spot- Mashiko. It was delicious and indulgent 🙂

Feels good to jump right back into clean eating on Monday morning.

Breakfast: coffee; hot italian chicken sausage, red chard, collard greens, mushroom, zucchini and a fried egg on top!

Snack: banana & almond butter.

Late breakfast…no lunch.

Later: 1 pint of beer and 1 whiskey.

Dinner: Moroccan spiced chicken (recipe here), roasted beets with dried rosemary, green salad; 1 negro medelo beer.

*A note about the recipe we used: for the Moroccan dipping sauce, we subbed dried parsley for the fresh stuff (didn’t have on hand) and used juice from an orange instead of a lemon. The citrus complimented the spices on the chicken- and coating the chicken heavily in the spices created a nice crust (Joe seared the chicken first on the stove, then placed in the oven to finish baking). Easy and yummy!

Before dinner Joe and I stopped at a bar for some drinks and then headed over to Sky High in Bellevue. We had groupons for 2 hours of jumping at this wall-to-wall warehouse of trampolines. FUN! Talk about a workout though…after an hour we were pooped and it was clear only the kids had the stamina to jump all night. It was fun to play around like a kid again, but FUCK I know I will feel 80 when I wake up in the morning. Ha!



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